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Do you want to combine different SAP BW Queries on a single Tableau Dashboard? Well, having multiple next to each other on a dashboard is not a problem at all, but how can you make them interact with each other? This is exactly what this blog post is going to demonstrate:

  • If you’re working on a single SAP BW Query and you want to filter from one sheet to another you can do this in the the exact same way you’re used to use relational data sources (Use Sheet as Filter)
  • If you’re using 2 different SAP BW Queries, filtering from one to another get’s a little bit more “tricky”
  • The following video shows you how to interact with multiple SAP BW Queries on a Single Tableau Dashboard.


1. Option: Normal Action Filter
This works if both Queries are using the same unique remote name (Tableau terminology; Right click on a dimension within the Data Pane in Tableau Desktop -> Describe Field)
e.g: [0D_NW_CNTRY].[0D_NW_CNTRY].[LEVEL01]

2. Option: URL Action
The problem here is that this will open up a new tab if you don’t follow a “workaround” like:  Opening dashboard links in same browser window

3. Option: URL Action + Web Page Object
This is my preferred solution so feel free to directly jump to min 3:35 of the tutorial video above


Download the workbook here:
Tableau + SAP BW (Filter options on 2 seperated Queries)
(The ZIP file does just contain the *.twb file. I was trying to use SAP BW sample queries only. I’m interested to hear if they work for everyone once you’ve changed

  • the SAP BW connection to your testing environment



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