Tableau Extensibility Framework – More Use Cases

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This post is a follow-up of the “Tableau Extensibility Framework” blog post which talks about a very interesting advanced analytics manufacturing use case. The video below shows 2 more scenarios of how you could leverage the very same framework for:

  • generating geographical data at the time of analysis in order to optimize the workbook for performance AND generate data which is missing in order to correct upcoming questions (as missing data could lead to wrong conclusions)

  • leveraging machine learning to find similar contracts/cases/data points in external applications/systems/databases to learn from decisions which already have been made in the past to make it more likely to 
    • close a deal
    • solve a support ticket faster
    • make a smarter data driven decision based with AI/ML support

I’m looking forward to hear your ideas around what you’d like to achieve with such an extension after you’ve watched the video. So please actively use the comment section underneath.





Timo Tautenhahn
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Timo originally coded his own BI-application by making use of different JAVA libraries. He Worked for IBM as BI-specialist and BA-architect before he joined Tableau. Favorite subject: JavaScript API



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