This blog originally started as one of the first German blogs around Tableau and Data Visualization. As more and more people started to ask for an English translation for the content, things changed and most of the posts are in English as of today. Nevertheless as the amount of people who consume grows, we’ll add Russian as another language to this blog very soon… ūüėČ

John Hegele
Extension Machine

John Hegele is an AI expert and a software specialist through and through! SQL, R, Python and JavaScript are languages he speaks fluently.

Favorite Subject:
Tableau Extensions

LinkedIn: jhegele


Rithesh Makkena

Rithesh Makkena is a extremely well known solution architect in the BI world! He has got tons of experience with Tableau, SAP and large enterprises!

Favorite Subject:
Tableau on SAP HANA

LinkedIn: rmakkena


David Spezia
Analytics Architect

David Spezia is an analytics powerhouse with deep expertise in software architectures, Tableau and big data. In his spare time he runs and hikes a lot!

Favorite Subject:
Architectural Whiteboarding

LinkedIn: dspezia


Timo Tautenhahn
Tableau Evangelist

Timo originally coded his own BI application in JAVA. Before he joined Tableau he worked in several roles at IBM where he designed analytics architectures for customers.

Favorite Subject:
JavaScript API

LinkedIn: ttautenhahn

Analytics Dinosaur

Jurgen Hoogerboord is business analytics dinosaur! He has got tons of experience with data, analytics and large enterprises!

Favorite Subject:
Tableau on Unix Environments

LinkedIn: jhoogerboord


Ludwig Ehlert
API Guru

Ludwig consults customers on rolling out Tableau as BI platform, implementing projects in Tableau and defining strategies for the successful adoption.

Favorite Subject:

LinkedIn: lehlert

Oliver Linder
Extract Enthusiast

Vom BI Kunden, √ľber den¬†klassischen BI Hersteller zum agilen¬†BI Werkzeug.

Aktuelles Lieblingsthema:
Extract API

LinkedIn: olinder