Tableau Extension API – Write Back

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The video below is demonstrating how you could leverage Tableau’s Extension API to save a tremendous amount of time in your planning and forecasting processes. This is done by coding a Tableau Extension which is actually writing back data into your transactional database (e.g. CRM system) directly from within a Tableau Dashboard!

I’m looking forward to get your feedback on it!


P.S. Interested in the workbook? Here you go: Interested in the Extension? Let me know ;)

Timo Tautenhahn
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Timo originally coded his own BI-application by making use of different JAVA libraries. He Worked for IBM as BI-specialist and BA-architect before he joined Tableau. Favorite subject: JavaScript API
  1. Sai Reply

    The Writeback API is really cool . Can you please share the API??

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  3. Timo Tautenhahn
    Timo Tautenhahn Reply

    Please find the latest source code for 2018.2 and above in this latest Write Back Extension Blog post: https://tableaufans.com/extension-api/tableaau-extension-api-write-back-updated-source-code-for-tableau-2018-2/



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