How to connect Tableau to REST APIs – LIVE?

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The following video is demonstrating how you can connect Tableau to a REST API – LIVE – by making use of a 3rd party software (which needs to be licensed!). It is called Custom Connector SDK from Progress. It’s an SDK which you can think of as a framework which you can adjust to your REST API. Before I’m going to show how to leverage OpenAcess together with Tableau. I’m going to explain how the architectural flow looks like. The demo will then leverage a REST API which contains stock data.

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Special thanks to the whole Progress team! Great attitude, very responsive and I really enjoyed a great webinar with you guys today! Thank you Sumit Sarkar, Saikrishna Bobba, Nishanth Kadiyala, Dennis Bennett, Dennis Bennett, Dipak Patel, Petya Popova-Chilikova, Michael Burritt, Kim Bears and John Fremer! Looking forward to more great customer cases in the future!

Timo Tautenhahn
Über den Autor
Timo originally coded his own BI-application by making use of different JAVA libraries. He Worked for IBM as BI-specialist and BA-architect before he joined Tableau. Favorite subject: JavaScript API



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