Visual Statistical Analysis using an unknown dataset

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A couple of days ago a customer reached out to me in order to get a better understand on how we can make sense out of data. He wanted to do some statistical analysis, but we didn’t speak about any details at this point of time. I responded in a way that I asked him to get some real data from him rather than demonstrating this on some dummy data.

30 minutes prior to the call this morning I realized that he actually sent me some data. So without reading anything about it I wanted to play around with it to get a better understanding of the data prior to the call. The result of these 30 minutes + another 30 minutest for colors, fonts and formatting stuff afterwards can be seen here:

Timo Tautenhahn
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Timo originally coded his own BI-application by making use of different JAVA libraries. He Worked for IBM as BI-specialist and BA-architect before he joined Tableau. Favorite subject: JavaScript API
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    I would love to see what you can get out of this data set. Please feel free to leave comments, feedback or just the link to your Tableau Public Viz using this dataset.



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